Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The First APT Competition! December 29-January 7

Before I reveal what "APT" means, here's a tacky intro:

          His name is a legend...
                                                    ...among Blender geeks...

...His tutorials are known across the globe...
                                               ...he is known as the Blender Guru...

                               He is...

Andrew Price.
     Andrew Price's Blender tutorials are known around the Blender Community as being very instructive and fun, and he has spoken at the annual Blender confrence. He writes tutorials and gives out free downloads at

     So I decided to host an annual Andrew Price tutorial competition. you must build a scene in Blender using only things that you learnded from an Andrew Price tutorial. Here are the official rules:

1.You are only allowed to use things that you learned in an Andrew Price tutorial. You may look for tutorials while making your scene and read them. There is no limit to the amount of tutorials you can use. However, you may not use the starter files that Andrew sometimes gives out before his tutorials.

2.You may use any version of Blender that you like, even if it's not the one the tutorials are about.

3.You may make your scene a still image, an animation, or a game. You will then post the link on this blog. Everyone who follows this blog may participate. I will then put a poll with everyone's names on it who entered, and everyone can vote for who made the best scene.You may not vote for yourself.

                                                                That is all. Carry on.


  1. Cool! I'm all over this competition. Of course it will take me years to get up to speed with you guys. Nate, can the deadline be two years from now?

  2. @Jim Nelson - haha, 2 years? with Andrew's tutorials it shouldn't take that long, maybe just 2-3 months... yeah, they're as awesome as that ;)

    @Natron1 - sounds like a pretty cool idea...sadly, though, I don't think I'll have the time to work on another project as well as all the NES and all the other stuff I have going on :( I'll be watching though!

  3. I really love that on the internet there is that kind of guys who help others. Just like Andrew. :)

    Without his and the other tutorial makers help I would have get bored to blender in about one week because I would not be able to understand anything about it by myself.