Movie Review: Beneath the Planet of the Apes (Three stars)

A sequel to Planet of the Apes, this 1970 sci-fi action movie begins with a NASA astronaut stranded after a rescue mission to try to find his comrade commander George Taylor (Charlton Heston). Luckily, he's stranded on the same futuristic planet as his comrade from the first movie. So John Christopher Brent (James Franciscus) sets off to find Taylor.
     He soon comes across Nova, Taylor's "mate." Unfortunately for him, Nova is one of the barbaric and mute humans that inhabit the planet, so she is unable to be of help to him. On Nova's horse, the two of them ride off into the biggest populated area around: the City of Apes.
     Brent soon finds himself stripped of his NASA uniform and captured by gorillas and marked for target practice. Luckily, he escapes and ends up underground in the hands of alien mutants who had earlier captured Brent's comrade, Colonel Taylor. After a devestating battle between mutants and apes, with bloody bodies scattered all over the underground city, Colonel George Taylor unleashes something even more shocking than the ending of the original movie.

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