Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Blog!

I just created a blog that was meant to be a forum for all of my followers except Plrang, Pixar (who's now DS-DNA,) and my aunt who couldn't care less about Blender. I made a page for each of you with your names as the titles. (Well, your blogger names, not your real ones.) Should you accept my offer to join my forum, then you will comment on this post, telling me your email address. If you have a junk or spam one, that would be better, so you won't think I'm like, an evil person or something. The address of the blog is See you there!

I'm Back!

Hi, everyone! I'm back home. We flew in from Pheonix, Arizona, last night. Well, technically, yesterday morning. But we got home around 8:30.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I've Got an Idea.

I have three blogs. But my aunt suggested that I delete my cartooning and writing ones, and make this blog all three (the third one is animating). What do you think of that?


The poll for "Best Version of Blender" goes to...a tie between Blender 2.49b, and 2.5 Beta 3! (But 2.5 Beta 4 wasn't out yet. Comment if you think that's better than the other two.

New Followers!

I would like to welcome two new followers to my blog, Artturi Mäntysaari, and my aunt Liz. By the way, a note to Artturi Mäntysaari: If you comment on this post and tell me the address of your blog, if you have one, then I'll see about following it. Thanks!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blender 2.5 Beta 4!

Blender 2.5 Beta 4 is here! I'm downloading it on my sister's laptop as we speak! (Remember I'm still in Arizona, and don't have access to a real computer.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Like my new template?

NN (Nate Note): Um, I just wrote the entire post in the title, so, uh, yeah...


I would like to know who Pixar and Plrang are. I don't want to have people following my blog who don't tell me where to find their blogs.  If Plrang gets this, I'd like him/her to change his/her profile picture from the disturbing current one. And if Pixar gets this, I'd like him/her to inform me if they have anything to do with and/or is associated with the Disney/Pixar movie company.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hi. I don't know if the text I just sent from my sister's phone got through or not, so I'm texting just because.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

-already used to the Z, Y, and X Axises! (Snicker!)
Sorry if it takes me awhile to comment on your blogs again, because I'm in Colorado and it's incedibly hard to get to my sister's laptop.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

? n invited y'all to be able to post on it, and we could use it as our kind of message-board. How's that sound?
? Hi. I'm posting from my phone cause my sister's using her laptop. Hey! I had an idea the other day: what if I started a blog the

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sorry. I posted that from my phone, and I guess I kind of failed. And I  don't owe anyone anything; the follower I had forgotten was my aunt.
? morized his followers. Fail! PS, if Pixar is a good person, he'll at least tell me how he found this blog!
? er, Pixar (I still don't know who he is) and, um, oh no! I can't remember my sixth! Or even if I had one! I'm such a bad blogger. A real nerd would've me
? Yo! I'm very happy that I figured out how to post from my phone! And I would like to thank my awesome followers: Ben, Meshweaver, Plrang (3d human), Hest

Guess what!

I just attached this blog to my cell phone so I can post on it from the road, as long as I have units left on my phone. The last  two posts were from my phone, and, (guess what) it blew my dad's mind.
Hi again.
Yo! Just seeing if i can do this.

You know what's weird?

The name of this blog. It's like, "...For the Aspiring Young Animator," but all of my followers are quite likely much older than me.


It's me (duh). I'm sitting in the living room of my family's hotel room in the Hospitality Suites in Pheonix, Arizona. I'm posting from my sister's laptop. I might be able to post more after this, but I don't know. She wants her computer back, but I don't know why. Maybe it's because she's stuck watching old John Wayne movies on the hotel room's TV.

Monday, September 6, 2010

See ya!

My immediate family and Iare going out to the Southwest for three weeks. We're going to Vegas, Four Corners, the Grand Canyon...and all those other awesome places. So, this is probably the last time I'll be able to post until I get back. So-see ya!