Movie reviews: Planet of the Apes (Four stars)

THIS 1968 SCI-FI ADVENTURE starring Charlton Heston tells the story of three astronauts, stranded on a strange a desolate planet in a distant solar system. After wandering through Nevada-esque terrain for several days, the small company come across strange-looking scarecrows, which tell them that there are other inhabitants of this planet, whom they soon come in contact with. The extra-terrestrials look like humans, but they have the minds of wild beasts.
     The three astronauts soon find out that on this strange planet, man is dominated by talking apes! The humans are imprinoned by simeans, and the three earthlings soon find themselves in the midst of hunting season.
     Seperated from his companions, Taylor (Heston) is put behind bars. Having been shot in the neck by the gorillas, he is unable to convince his captors that he is more than just an animal.
     From its startling first few shots from its thought-provoking ending, Planet of the Apes is an amazing tale of science fiction.

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