Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Beginnings

My first blog came into existence two or three years ago, and got no followers, except for my aunts and father. So I started a new blog, which didn't quite work out either. So, fuelled by my Marx-esque idea of Blogspotism, I made a third one. And this time, I had an idea. I would go to various blogs and tell other Blogspot-users about all my ideas and projects. And in less than three hours, I had my first follower: MeshWeaver.
     Since then, I've aquired various Internet friends, which include SSImpossible, SusySpider, DS-DNA, and, of course, the ever-loyal Hester, who visits my blog even when I haven't posted for months, let alone commented on his.
     Last year, the time of the year came around again that we Catholics call Lent. Lent is a time for giving up what we love, and doing selfless sacrifices. So I decided to give up Blogspot, which really killed me, because I could feel my relationship with my followers slowly slipping through my fingers. But, before Lent had officially begun, I commented on al my followers' blogs, telling them I couldn't talk until Easter, save for Saint Patrick's Day. And they all told me it was okay. But when I got back to them on Easter, SSImpossible had set up a Web site, and had abandonded blogging, MeshWeaver was doing some kind of big secret project and couldn't be bothered to post, SusySpider had removed her "Add Comment" button and was counting down to something, and the only person who still posted was–is–Hester!
     So, I would like to inform Hester, and anyone else who might have had a change of heart, that I'm moving. Not in the physical sense, where I pack up my bags and leave, but in the figuartive sense, to a place called Natron V2, which you can locate at . This blog will not be a failure, and, even though I will continue to give up Blogspot for Lent, I hope that my new followers will not leave me during that time, as (almost) all of you did. And I hope that Hester will come and join my new blog, as he is the only one who has remained loyal to me.
     So, I bid you So long, and thanks for all the fish.