Thursday, October 14, 2010

A review of computer programs

My first real-favorite computer program: MILSBERRY. It was okay, for a bad-grade, boring MMOG, but the advertising! Whew!

The next was I was obsessed with Legos, and I still like them.

Teh next was kind of an upgrade from MILSBERRY. It was Club Penguin, which my sister finally convinced me I was too old for.

Then there was Ninja I really liked the TMNT TV show and the comic books.

Then, of course, Anime Studio Debut. This is a 2-D animating software that my grandfather gave me. It's okay, but not as good as...

Blender! When my dad took me to see a professional animator, he reccommended that I start my career on Blender. At teh time, I was like, "Who's gonna name their program Blender?" Of course, I got to love it.

Here we must mention Pencil, another great animating software that you can download from teh internet at

Then comes the last program I have found so far: GameMaker. It's seriously awesome. It's like Blender Game Engine, but it's, like, Mario-style!

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  1. I used to use Game Maker Lite version 7, I think...didn't really work for what I wanted to do, haha :)

    Did you know that there's now an open-source game creator in development? it has a bunch of cool stuff like physics simulationss and particle systems. It's called Construct, and although they haven't gotten to version 1.0 yet (they're on 0.99.95, so really close) it's still kinda awesome...

    ...I haven't made any games with it though, haha, just testing stuff :)