Saturday, October 23, 2010


I just figured out how to download YouTube videos onto my iPod using, and as we speak I'm downloading Elephants Dream! It wouldn't let me get Sintel, though, so I don't know if I can get E D or Big Buck Bunny.


  1. have you tried the YouTube Downloader HD? it's one you can install that can download in FLV format (or MP4 depending on the option) to 240p, Medium, HQ 360p, HQ 480p, HD 720p or Full HD 1080, and it can convert the FLVs to Xvid AVI or MP4 (which it says it compatible with Ipod and QuickTime)
    it's cool, I use it often...on another note, my anti-virus says it can't check the security of KeepVid - I don't know if yours can, but if it doesn't i'd be wary of using it...
    anyway, that's just me :)

  2. Wow. Either you are really smart, or you're really a computer nerd (who isn't?). Anyways, I downloaded Sintel and Elephants Dream normal version, instead of Hi-Fi, which I realize was my mistake.

    P.S. Nice tutorial!

  3. hahaha, well... ;) there's still a tonne of stuff I don't understand about computers, and the list just seems to get bigger every year, what with all the developments they're making :) hard to stay up to date...

    p.s. thanks! :D