Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to Make & Edit Text in Blender

Hello everyone. This is Natron1, with my second, or maybe fifth, tutorial. My first one had four parts and was about programing a game in Blender.

1.Open up Blender 2.5 Beta 4, a.k.a. Blender 2.54. Delete the default cube. Go to the Add menu (Shift-A) and click on "Text." On the left-hand side of the screen, click on "Align to view." That'll make the text face you.

2.As you can see, the text says only "Text." We'll fix that later. First, go to the Text Panel in the list of properties on the right side of the screen. Its icon is the letter "F." Go down on the Text Menu and you'll see the word "Geometry." Under it, you'll see three sliders. if you increase the top, left-hand slider, your text will become a jumbled mass of shapes. If you decrease the slider, your text will become a negative jumbled mass of shapes and look like a Picasso.

3.Undo your last move so that your text looks normal. Then increase the slider next to the one you previously used. Your text will, once again, become a jumbled mass of shapes. But this time it's organized.

4.Undo your last move and focus your attention to the top, left-hand slider. This is, by far, the coolest. If you increase it, your text will be scaled on the Y axis, or whichever one it's facing.

5.Here comes the cool part. Tab to Edit Mode. A cursor will appear at the end of your text. You can now Backspace or Delete the word, and write whatever you want to write!

This concludes my second tutorial. See you later!


  1. pretty cool :D however, i think it would be easier to understand if you used the Value names (Extrude, Bevel, Offset and Resolution). just a suggestion though. :D

    I've used Text a lot, it's really cool, especially when you load in a custom font...

  2. Thanks. I didn't actually know the Value names, but, hey. Who's reading it except for you?

  3. haha, I'm sure other people read it, they just don't necessarily comment :)