Friday, August 20, 2010

Tee-Vee: Part One: the Characters

                                                    This is Tee-Vee. Sorry about the Widges.

These red guys are Pixels. Tee-Vee's trying to save the world from the MotherBoard, who's a giant computer. She sends all sorts of computer-stuff at him. you can dispense of them with Tee-Vee's magical blue sword.

This is a Megabyte. These guys are too powerful to disappear when they touch your sword. You have to lure them into the water-it's they're only weakness.

These green sphere-guys are Gigabytes. They're the big brothers to Megabytes and Pixels. But we know their one weakness: hubris.They're too over-confidant. They'll jump on top of your head, hoping to suck out all your power. But quick, before they do, carry them over to the big Ruby over there! Touch them to it and they'll dissapear!


  1. Because blender is cool:) yeah, it's 3d-human and microentrys / plrang , I like knights

  2. Cool. But, do you think that you could somehow change your plrang profile picture? My mom doesn't like it....

  3. I have three things to say.
    3D Human, what is that anyway?
    And Natron, I like that computer-life genera!

    (whoops, that was two. Hey! This makes three!)

  4. Thanks, Hester. I'm still working on it, though. I'm trying to figure out how to make it so that if you touch a certain object, you dissapear and reappear somewhere else. If you know a good tutorial about that offhand, just e-mail it to me at

    Your friend,