Thursday, August 19, 2010

Going through history...

Okay. Since I'm posting on my sister's laptop, and she's got 2.46, here's the start-up screen for it:

                   This is the start-up screen for Blender 2.49b. If you press a key or move your mouse the slightest bit, the thing with the weird orange alien guy would dissapear.

                            This is the start-up screen for Blender 2.5 Alpha-2. You can see all of my files up there. Game Engine Tutorial 3...Sundial CIty...Gravity Guy...

                         This is the screen for Blender 2.5 Beta-3. The newest-and so far awesomest-version of Blender. And I thank Ben for showing me how to do screenshots.


  1. hmm, screenshots in Blender? that would be useful...

    there seem to be some problems with the images, btw - they're overlapping onto the other sidebars :)

  2. Yeah. I set them as 'X-tra-large' so you could actually see them. And as for the screenshots, just press the button next to F12 and above Insert that says Print Screen/SysRq. Then when you go on like, Paint, or Photoshop or something, you can hit 'Paste' and it'll paste the screen at the time that you hit the button.