Monday, July 25, 2011


Last September, my family and I went on a vacation to Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, and finally back to Las Vegas. My aunt was with us for most of the trip, and she had brought along her new iPhone 4. She let us play games on it, and use the Internet. The thing I was wondering was: Could you get Blender on an iPhone?
     A few weeks ago, my friend came over to my house to show me his new iPad 2. I once again wondered what Blender would be like if there was an app for it.
     I understand that hundreds of young men and women make thousands of dollars each year creating apps and selling them to Apple. So if a Blenderhead somewhere possessed the know-how to create an app, and had a way of contacting the Blender company, iBlender could become a reality.


  1. I'm quite sure it is. Only it's a viewer, not an editor. Apparently, the iPhone and Pad's CPU is too weak for any real Blendering.

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