Friday, January 28, 2011

Latina est malus!

Well, not really. But my Latin book was incredibly annoying! I finally finished it today, after translating one hundred and seventy vocab words, several Latin phrases, twenty-four Latin sayings, and multus, multus more! Plus I had to watch this dumb instructional DVD with Glen Moore, who can't stop talking about Legos and start teaching Latin!

Well, it took me a school year and a half, but I'm finally done, and loving it!


  1. What the! I commented ages ago and it isn't here! Oh well.
    What I wanted to ask was what Latina est Malus actually meant.

  2. Same happened to me, I commented like two weeks ago... Anyway, I think latin's pretty cool! I just have a 2" by 4" by 3.25" Oxford English/Latin dictionary, though...

  3. Is it by John C. Traupman? If so, then I have the same one. It was my favorite of last year's Christmas presents.

    P.S. "Latina est malus" means "Latin is bad." I don't really think that, but with First Form Latin's limited vocabulary sections, what else could I write? (I guess I could've said "Glen Moore debes concludere," but that would've been mean.

    P.P.S. Are you two sure you did the word verification after commenting?

  4. I am not sure. By the way, malus reminds me of a strange song I used to sing in French: Cava Bien! Cava mal. Cava comsicomsan? I hope I spelt it rite. ^_^

  5. Umm lemme see... something good, something bad, something so-so. No idea what cava means... sounds like cave to me XD